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Beth Yap

Senior Social Media Strategist

Beth is born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Information Technology at Cebu Institute of Technology-University. She landed her first job as an admin assistant at Hilton Motors Company in Mandaue, Cebu.

After a year of working in a corporate company, Beth decided to go abroad to explore another country and planned to study Mandarin to try, if allowed to work as a translator in a company and for visa purposes as a student. She lived with her eldest sister’s family in China for two years. She got a certificate for learning the Chinese language. While she was on school break in the same year, her friend introduces her to the world of freelancing using Odesk at that time, but now Upwork. So, she went back to her hometown and tried to work home-based and started to build her profile online, and there she was hired by Chef Rosendale.

As an online freelancer, Beth works for Chef Rosendale as a virtual assistant since 2015 with experience working alongside Gffworks Virtual Solutions Inc. She specializes in administrative tasks and handles all the social media platforms in some of the Rosendale brands.

Also, as a stay at home mom to her 5-year-old kid, she never thinks of it as a hinder to continue to learn new skills/upskills because she uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage herself to work hard and succeed in what she does, especially the time management between work-life balance.

Her freelancing career leads her to where she is right now, to be part of the Rosendale Collective team.