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Eric Villegas

Certified Chef Instructor

Award-winning chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, television, and radio personality Eric Villegas has done more than any other culinarian to introduce the country to the regional and local foods of his beloved Michigan and the Great Lakes. The Michigan-born chef embarked on his culinary career after studying liberal arts at Michigan State University. Moving to Paris, France, he attended Anne Willan’s LaVarenne Ecole de Cuisine and Steven Spurrier’s Academie du Vin. After which, he gained a wide range of practical cooking experience in the classic restaurant kitchens of France’s gastronomic capital, Lyon. Chef Villegas returned to the States to continue his studies at the New England Culinary Institute, where he specialized in the service aspect of hospitality running the school’s flagship dining room.

In 2014, ARY VacMaster a foodservice industry leader specializing in vacuum sealing equipment for home & commercial kitchens, cherry-picked Chef Villegas to bring his culinary knowledge and expertise in cuisine and sous-vide cooking as their corporate chef to the readers of VacMaster’s Fresh Bites Blog and YouTube channel.

The following year, The Greatest Radio Hour w/ Joe Simon debuted on The hour-long program features new and classic jazz brought in Chef Villegas as the go-to food guru. Once a week, Chef Eric offers a fun, high-energy chat covering culinary tips, techniques, and history during the popular food segment.

In 2018 Chef Villegas realized a professional milestone when he had the opportunity to train with the legendary Dr. Bruno Goussault and his team at CREA headquarters in Sterling, Virginia. Universally regarded as the father of modern sous vide cookery Dr. Goussault’s teachings are second to none.

As a result, in 2019, The International Sous Vide Association, ISVA, invited Chef Villegas to join its advisory committee comprised of a virtual “who’s who” of leaders practicing the sous vide technique.

Additionally, 2021 brought chef Villegas to Zwilling, the legendary German cutlery company producing some of the world’s finest knives for over 290 years. As one of the world’s oldest brands, Chef Villegas is proud to promote Zwilling in roadshows across the country and their growing corporate family of Staub, Ballarini, Miyabi, Demeyere, and Henckels. A highly sought-after public speaker Chef Villegas keeps the rest of his culinary calendar full with cooking demonstrations, book signings, and public appearances throughout the Great Lake State and the rest of the country. While he oversees many projects infused with his culinary passion, all the while keeps reminding everyone to watch, read, or listen to “think global but to buy, drink and eat local!”