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Kyle Walker

Sous Chef Roots 657

Growing up in Alabama, I lived off southern comfort food, most often prepared by my father, who is one of my biggest influences to purse a career in which I can share that passion with others.  As I grew older, I would join him in the kitchen learning how to make the same meals that I had enjoyed eating as a kid. Very quickly I found myself sharing these creations with friends and family and always looked for an opportunity to learn more and grow in the culinary arts.

I went out on a limb and decided to try my hand in a professional kitchen. I knew of a golf resort, Pursell Farms, near my home where I might be able to get that opportunity. I met Chef Andrea Griffith, who had worked with Chef Rosendale at the Greenbrier, who took me in with open arms and gave me that change I was craving. She gave me my first real glimps of a career in sharing this passion with people and I was instantly hooked. With her teachings I built a solid foundation of culinary knowledge and skills.

Chef Andrea saw something in me and recommended I continue my growth in the profession, but from one of the best in the business. It was then I found my way to Roots 657 where, with the guidance of Chef Rosendale, I have been able to continue to learn and grow, and become part of a profession I though was merely a dream.