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Mariano Araya

Certified Chef Instructor

Chef and Entrepreneur Mariano Araya brings over two decades of culinary excellence within the Miami food scene.

His cooking began as a necessity at a young age but soon turned into a passion that transformed into a rewarding career. After studying gastronomy at the Institute Gato Dumas in his native Argentina, Mariano continued with his career working at notable restaurants such as Olivo’s, Marfil Bistro, and Mariano’s Cuisine. He has worked and studied under influential culinary leaders over the years such as Antonio Bachour, Javier Guillen, Richard Rosendale, Najat Kaanache, Oriol Balaguer, Carles Mampel, and Xavier Barriga, all of whom have helped shape his dishes and techniques today. By uniting culinary innovation with ancestral roots, Mariano has revolutionized his traditional, native cuisine to create lasting experiences that stimulate all the senses.

An award-winning Chef, Mariano has competed in and won various cooking and grilling competitions in the South Florida area. He also travels the U.S., supporting special events with the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, Dom Pérignon, Ocean Reef Club, the Friends of James Beard Dinner, and Rosendale Collective Master Culinary Classes.
Mariano is currently in the final stages of opening his newest restaurant Casa Mariano, located in Doral, FL. Slated to open in Spring 2021, Casa Mariano will be home to a range of unique and creative culinary experiences inspired by Mariano’s most-loved dishes.