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Mike Aron

Official F&B Product Photographer | Rosendale Collective

Mike is a Food, Beverage & Product Photographer that loves thinking outside the box to create unique content for brands and businesses. Mike is easy to work with and loves collaborating with clients on projects leveraging various pre-production tools that help create a low-stress shoot environment. He considers himself an at-home chef and mixologist that pushes his creative limits behind the camera, in the kitchen, or around the bar.

Living in Northern Virginia Mike enjoys working with local businesses, bars, restaurants, breweries, and other establishments he often frequents himself – he loves supporting locals as frequently as he can.

Mike firmly believes that if you’re going to do something give it 200%, period. That’s how Mike approaches all his client projects and everything in life – it’s been his motto since he was a kid. Just ask his wife about the journey he went on to create perfectly clear ice for cocktails. Mike tried everything from different water formulas, to triple boiling water, and anything you could think of – little did he know it’s as simple as directional freezing – but now Mike has perfectly clear ice all his hand-crafted cocktails and can exclusively focus on being a visual chef/mixologist.