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Robert Scott Poff 

Director of Culinary Operations | Roots Brands

Born in the southern West Virginia coalfields, Scott ventured beyond the tipple to the slopes of Snowshoe Ski Resort, WV, where his food and beverage career began.

Beginning as young 19-year-old bussing tables, he spent the next five years working winters in WV and summers at Myrtle Beach, SC, working up to the front of the house management.

Then, inspired by his exposure to commercial kitchens, Scott enrolled at Johnson and Wales in Charleston, SC. Upon graduating with honors, he pursued the ultimate culinary training in his home state of West Virginia, the Greenbrier Culinary Apprenticeship. Receiving multiple ACF medals throughout his three-year training there, Scott graduated one of 4 remaining classmen out of 10 original apprentices who persevered through the challenging and rewarding program. Taking this knowledge and training with him, he has excelled in developing strong teams in all the kitchens he has led.

His kitchens are as listed, the Little Harbour Club in Michigan, the Williamsburg Inn in Virginia, the Sam Snead’s at The Greenbrier, the Lansing Country Club in Michigan, The Farmington Country Club in Virginia, the Guyan Golf and Country Club in West Virginia. They were directed with passion and the constant pursuit of excellence that he wants the customers to experience while boosting each team member as an integral part of this goal.

Scott has been married for 21 years to Mary, with whom he has a 19-year-old son, Joe, and now resides in Charles Town, WV, leading the team of Roots 657 in their path of culinary enlightenment.