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Ashiltha Wickramaratne (Wick)

Sous Chef | Roots 657

Wick was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but later moved to New Jersey in 2000. He experienced childhood with his mom’s delicious Sri Lankan cooking.

He went to Kingsway Regional High School in Woolwich, Twp, and graduated. Wick played the violin, a track and field runner like Olympic-style sports, and a business major.

Wick worked at Amazon after secondary school and helped his mom develop her school, which he upheld with bookkeeping and educated.

He started cooking at home for himself around then, and his family became BBQ obsessed. He told his dad that he wanted to learn more about cooking, and they contacted Saman Ranasinghe, an associate of his dad’s who worked with Chef Rosendale at the Greenbrier.

Wick began working at Chef Rosendale’s restaurant at Roots 657 in August of 2019 and has been there from that point onward. He was promoted to Sous Chef this year.