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About Rosendale

OUR Mission is to Inspire the world through the language of FOOD… Are you with us?

Rosendale Collective was founded by Certified Master Chef Rich Rosendale. Chef Rosendale is one of the most organized and disciplined chefs cooking in America today. His passion for sharing his knowledge and inspiring others is why Rosendale Collective exists today.
 We are engaged with people around the world, communicating online or in person through our world-class training workshops and global events.

Our Team

Rich Rosendale
Founder - Culinary Director
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Christopher Rieloff
Corporate Chef
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Joe Peroney
R&D Chef
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Steven Halliday
Rosendale Events Executive Chef
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Ruben Cabrera
Official Photographer
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Brad Putz
Video Editor
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Rachel Barnett
Rosendale Events Sous Chef
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Christian Hernandez
Rosendale Events Director of Catering Operations
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Millie Weems Philips
Rosendale Events Director of Catering Sales
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John Ritonia
Sous Chef and HACCP Coordinator
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Kyle Walker
Sous Chef Roots 657
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Brandon Harlow
Sous Chef
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Craig Rossi
Residence Club Sous Chef
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Bryant Long
RC Baker and Corporate Trainer
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